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Anabel Englund & Yotto Collab on Latest Single ‘Waiting For You’

Anabel Englund released her debut album Messing With Magic late last year. The 10-track album featured other massive talents like MK, Lee Foss, and Jamie Jones, and received high praises. Englund has since announced a deluxe version of the album to be released later this month with five new singles, the first of which is available now! Anabel Englund and Yotto have teamed up on new track “Waiting For You” — listen below!

“Waiting For You” is as encapsulating as the tracks it follows. Yotto presents a vibrant production that highlights Englund’s dreamy vocals.

just as dazzling as her predecessors. Englund’s voice soars overs Yotto’s steady hypnotic production here, the dreamy beat balancing perfectly with Englund’s delicate yet smoldering lyrics. It’s a track that will transcend the listener to a state of pure bliss.

This is the second release of the year following Englund’s reunion with MK and Lee Foss as Pleasure State with the two-track Break Away EP. It’s the first single from the new deluxe album, which will also include “Don’t Say Goodbye (I’m Not Ready),” the touching tribute to her late grandmother—iconic actress Cloris Leachman—”Boogie All Night” with Dombresky, and two acoustic versions of the previously released “Picture Us” and “Underwater.”

The American singer and songwriter Anabel Englund has released a new song that will be part of the ‘Messing With Magic Deluxe’ album edition. The track, called ‘Waiting For You’, features the collaboration of Yotto, and fuses the bright and carefree sound of the Californian singer-songwriter and the seductive dark and fiery touch of the Finnish producer.

‘Messing With Magic Deluxe’ will showcase five new songs including ‘Waiting For You’; ‘Don’t Say Goodbye (I’m Not Ready)’ – dedicated to her grandmother Cloris Leachman, who recently passed away -; ‘Boogie All Night’, a track in collaboration with French producer Dombresky, and acoustic versions of two of her hits ‘Picture Us’ and ‘Underwater’.

The deluxe version of Messing With Magic is out May 21st, 2021, just in time for her performance at Rawhide on the Under Construction Tour with Chris Lake and Fisher! Find information and grab tickets here.

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