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LSDREAM: Our Top Picks

If you haven’t yet been immersed in the unique and mesmerizing sounds of LSDREAM, you’ve been missing out! His sets exude positive vibes with an emphasis on self love, discovery, and embracing the weird. He has a personality you’ve got to love and the music to match. Releasing under Liquid Stranger’s record label WAKAAN, LSDREAM has been catapulted into the spotlight, and rightfully so. His visuals and manipulation of wonky bass lend well to his psychedelic muse, and the overall soundscapes he creates are unmatched. Without further ado, here are our top tracks from his amazing arsenal of releases (and it wasn’t easy to choose, they’re all incredible!)


VOYAGER (2018)

Named after a tarot card relating to personal ideas of success versus traditional material wealth, this song is a dark masterpiece, unfolding before you like a secret past being unveiled. It is spine-tingling, and arguably one of the artist’s most beautiful tracks. He manages to find the perfect balance of melodic, destructive, and wondrous sounds and blends them all together seamlessly. This is a must-listen.

2. “REKT”


With hard-hitting beats and siren-blaring synths, this track gets the crowd moving. One of the wonkiest songs in his discography, it’s hard not to love it. This song will have you grooving all night long, with its mushy beats and experimental mixing.


Single Release (2021)

“High Vibrations” is his latest release, and this track is funky fun. It’s inspirational electronic vocals combined with LSDREAM’s masterful production make this piece a standout, and hopefully gives us a glimpse of what is to come.

4. “GODSPEED” ft. Sarah Hudson

VOYAGER (2018)

This track embodies wonder and seemingly puts a sound to the endless galaxies beyond. With a very candy-coated take on production combined with seductive, distorted basslines, this song feels like an outer-space video-game adventuring into the unknown.



This collaboration with COM3T is a fun, unique beat. There is an extra-terrestrial tone that’s quickly set by “Hello Human” alien vocals right before the music drops. This track is intense with high-energy and a ton of bass! Brace yourself.

Honorable Mention: “FOLLOW THE VIBE”

Being one of LSDREAM’s newest tracks, “Follow the Vibe” is already a fan favorite, and simply couldn’t be left off our list. The atmosphere created in this song is unmatched and one we’re looking forward to during his upcoming performance at Goldrush 2021! Find more information and grab tickets here.

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