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Martin Garrix Delivers ‘Love Runs Out’ With G-Eazy and Sasha Alex Sloan

Hard work and innovation will always speak more than age, and there is no one who stands as better proof of this point than Dutch producer Martin Garrix. At the young age of 25, he has already been a staple in the electronic dance scene for years. Garrix is known for his universal hits and incredible live performances. The artist is continuously finding ways to take his talent to the next level. Garrix recently teamed up with rapper G-Eazy and singer-songwriter Sasha Alex Sloan for a heart-wrenching track that is honest, haunting, and beautifully produced. Check out the new single below:

With catchy melodies and enticing vocals, this song is sure to draw you in. Martin Garrix does what he does best, always highlighting each vocalist’s sounds and combining all the pieces into a perfect symphony. “Love Runs out” is definitely an exciting display of work from the artist, and no doubt a sign of the depth to come from him.

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