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Keys N Krates ‘Original Classic’ is an Instant Classic

Over the course of the past decade, Keys N Krates have constantly approached their music with a fresh and innovative angle. Known for creating unique yet captivating combinations of sounds and styles, Keys N Krates has quickly become one of the most iconic groups in electronic music today. What’s more, their brand-new studio album, Original Classic, contains some of their most boundless music yet.

This 13-track masterclass covers an extensive range of genres. For starters, the titular track, “Original Classic,” features a fantastic fusion of hip-hop, moombahton, vaporwave, and more. Meanwhile, other fan-favorites like “Brazilian Love Song” and “Take It Off” are beautiful blends of pop, house, trap, breakbeat, etc. Suffice it to say, Original Classic has something for practically everyone.

An additional highlight is the album’s exceptional audio quality. Every single element of Original Classic is pristine and expertly executed, showcasing every instrumental. To maintain such an impeccable standard within just one genre is an accomplishment, but to do so in countless genres while blending them all together into one cohesive and ambitious album? Simply put, it’s incredible.A work of art in every way possible, Original Classic is an instant classic.

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