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Dr. Fresch Shares Legendary Collaboration with Tom Morello

What happens when three Rock & Roll legends and the doctor of EDM team up? You get the biggest collab of the year! Dr. Fresch recently worked alongside three legends, Tom Morello, lead guitarist of Metallica, Kirk Hammett, and Alex Lifeson, the guitarist and backing vocalist of Rush. “I Have Seen The Way” is just one of many exploratory collabs on Tom’s latest album The Atlas Underground Flood. Listen below.

This track is absolutely epic, featuring a surreal blend of talent. You can truly hear each of the artist’s distinctive sounds throughout. Of the release Dr. Fresch stated,

“I grew up a metal head — these guys were my idols. I was never a great player, but through the world of electronic music I found myself working with Tom this Spring because he dug my sound. We started this beast over iMessage using voice memos. After we laid down the chorus and my drops, Tom hit me one day with a text — “are you a fan of Metallica and Rush? I want to make the most epic guitar battle of the century.” Six months later, here we are.”

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PHOTO BY: Galen Oakes 

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