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How to Avoid Theft at a Music Festival

Festival season came in blazing hot this summer after an 18-month downturn due to the world pandemic. While everyone has been ecstatic about the return of life events, we need to remind ourselves of the unfortunate, unneeded evils that festivals and concerts attract. Many festivals are beginning to require clear hydration packs (including Decadence Arizona), so we must continue to be cognizant of potential theft at these large-scale events.  

We’re going to give you the best practices to keep your phones and valuables safe at your next event. From tried-and-true tactics to new products hitting the market, these preventative measures will help ensure you and your festival squad have a good time all weekend long. 


1. Wear an Anti-Theft Hydration Backpack
This is a no-brainer. Most people venture into a music festival with a hydration backpack. Why not invest in one that could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in phone replacement fees? The RaveRunner® by GenZ seems to be the most utilized and best-reviewed. Not to mention they are similar in price to most hydration backpack brands.  GenZ Outdoor just released a clear hydration backpack to comply with many festivals that are requiring clear bags to enter. This anti-theft bag has inverted zippers and chest pockets to store your valuables.

2. Fanny packs/Chest utility packs
This is another great option. These minimalist packs aren’t as warm on the body as a hydration backpack may because of their placement on the body and prevents people from reaching into your pack because they know that you will instantly be able to see. Fanny packs are a cheaper, tried-and-true option that has been around for over 50 years. They can be found on Amazon for as little as $10. Fanny packs are also much easier to style if you’re the type to match your outfit head to toe!

3. Utilize the lockers
Although you may not have your phone on you to record all your favorite moments, it is a surefire way to guarantee your phone doesn’t get stolen. They’re a guaranteed peace of mind so you can enjoy the event to the fullest! And though they cost a small fee, it’s certainly better than a few hundred dollars to replace a phone.


4. Wear clothing with zipper pockets
A lot of athleisure brands are developing shorts and pants with zipper pockets, which make it nearly impossible for thieves to get in your pockets without you noticing.

5. Utilize secret pockets
Many bags, especially those made with festivals in mind, now have secret pockets. If yours does, use those to your advantage. They’ll undoubtedly be harder for a thief to access. If you’re looking to invest in a pack with secret pockets, check these out.

6. Be strategic
This goes without saying but have each other’s backs, literally. Stay with your group, or if you’re deciding to explore on your own, make sure your valuables are secure before taking off. Check on your valuables every hour or so. If you realize when someone goes missing, you are more likely to find out where it was taken from or where you may have dropped it. Make sure you locate the lost and found, just in case.


We hope you utilize all of these tips (and share some of your own) this New Year’s Eve at Decadence Arizona! See the full lineup and grab tickets here.

Article from Ryan Lange

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