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SWARM Releases Incredible EP ‘Fight For Your Life’

The past two years have been incredibly difficult for many, dealing with the normal pressures of life in addition to a shattering pandemic. Brandon Carroll, better known by his stage name SWARM, is no exception. On his new EP, Fight For Your Life, SWARM shares his story with the world. Check it out below.

The title track begins with a series of pensive piano chords cast against a tense and contemplative background, almost like a calm before a storm. Soon, SWARM declares a call to arms, as a powerful, ominous, and cinematic soundscape sets the stage for war.

As “The Oncoming Storm” approaches, SWARM amps the energy. His foundation is crumbling, his hands are shaking, and he’s ready to explode on the next person he sees. He warms them, pleading with them to get away, but deep down he knows that nothing can stop the storm that’s been brewing beneath the surface for an eternity. When the floodgates finally open and hell rains down, the listener is bombarded by malicious machine guns, sinister stabs, deadly drums, and so much more. The overwhelming anxiety is perfectly captured by the second drop, a psytrance masterclass overflowing with adrenaline, tension, and uncontrollable energy. Like a manifestation of the fight or flight response, this section of “The Oncoming Storm” beckons its listeners to drop everything and run, drive a little faster, or say that thing they’ve been holding in for far too long. When the dust clears and Carroll comprehends what has just happened, he quickly realizes that he needs help; he needs to “Synchronize.”

Accompanied by his good friend, EMOTIONA, SWARM takes time to collect himself and make peace with the inner demons that almost ruined his life. Understanding that “this might be the one last time in [their lives] left to synchronize,” SWARM and EMOTIONA lay it all on the line. They pour out their hearts and souls as they share their innermost struggles that have led them to this pivotal moment in time. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, they also unleash every weapon from their production arsenals. In every way imaginable, they are putting everything they possibly can into this song.

The result is an incredibly powerful collaboration overflowing with raw emotion, gorgeous orchestration, and a genuine, heartfelt message. An anthem for those who are struggling, “Synchronize” is a battle cry with echoing shouts of “Don’t let go!” Whatever one is going through, whatever is dragging them down, this is their reminder to never give up.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy, and “Anyone But Me” is an acknowledgment of those ongoing, pervasive struggles. This track is a raw, emotional look at the reality of living with anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders. As Soundr guides us through the darkness, the lyrics hit like tons of bricks, “I would do anything to be anyone, anyone but me.” The first drop features a clever juxtaposition, posing a sad melody on top of a bouncy psytrance beat, almost like an attempt at dancing away one’s sadness. As the track progresses and the tension rises, an overwhelming sense of seriousness comes crashing down on the listener. Through meticulous orchestration and heartbreaking vocals, SWARM and Soundr have done an exceptional job at making this moment in time seem truly make-or-break; like the decision made here will change one’s life forever.

By design, this brings the listener back to “Synchronize,” but this time it’s an orchestral version with re-done vocals and a completely reimagined arrangement. Just like the original version, SWARM and EMOTIONA give “Synchronize (Orchestral)” everything they possibly can. EMOTIONA delivers a career-defining vocal performance, SWARM scores like never before, as his composition is simply next-level.Endlessly building upon itself, SWARM’s incredible production perfectly sets the stage for EMOTIONA to belt out the lyrics like his life depends on it. This is the essence of Fight For Your Life. This is the screaming of “Don’t let go!” This is the story of SWARM.

One of the most honest, authentic, and powerful EPs in recent memory, Fight For Your Life is a genuine work of art. Not only are these some of SWARM’s best songs yet, but some of his most meaningful as well. By sharing his story with the world, Carroll continues to advocate for the importance of mental health awareness, open and honest dialogues, self-care, and community. Whatever one might be going through, they don’t need to go through it alone; and through this EP, SWARM has led by example. It’s one thing to advocate for a message, but it’s another thing entirely to back it up, spearhead it, and lead the way to better days.

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