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Sofi Tukker Shares Dynamic Album ‘WET TENNIS’

Sofi Tukker, one of the most eccentric and entertaining duo in the dance scene,  have recently shared their new album, WET TENNIS. The album is a 12-track adventure that showcases the power of positivity. It’s instrumental, exploratory, dynamic, and so much more. Listen to Sofi Tukker’s WET TENNIS below!

Sofi Tukker became an internet sensation during the pandemic lockdown making a commitment to live stream every single day, allowing them to stay connected with their fans, the Freak Fam, across the world.

“The idea was inspired by the Freak Fam, the people around the world who joined our daily live stream DJ sets for hundreds of days while we were quarantining in our house. Every day, these people chose to stay positive, dance and build a community amidst a very difficult time. This choice to stay positive, dress up in bright colours, and choose joy was inspiring to us and something we wanted to express in our album title, but we also wanted the album title to be fun and sexy.”

The album title is intriguing enough as is, but WET TENNIS is also an acronym for  ‘When Everyone Tries To Evolve, Nothing Negative Is Safe’. Sofi Tukker said, “It’s a thesis statement of the whole idea and what we wanted to put out into the world. We want people to leave this album feeling good and feeling hopeful and inspired to build and evolve and be better, always.”

This album dares listeners to err on the side of fun and not take life too seriously. We gladly accept this proposal! Cheers to a WET TENNIS Summer!

Photo: Elizabeth Miranda

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