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Artist Spotlight: Meduso

Meet Meduso, a multitalented producer, DJ and artist from LA who’s quickly making a name for himself. Meduso takes a creative approach to all that he does. Beyond being the lead designer on Beyonce’s Ivy Park line, he is solely responsible for the art, merchandise and vision of his music project.

In 2020, Meduso dropped his debut album, Yugen – accompanied by an all original A/V 360 VR Experience. He made his festival debut in 2021 on the main stage of Sound Haven, has played support for massive names like ILLENIUM and Mersiv, and belongs to a new wave of trailblazers seeking to innovate in both sound and design.

“I have a love for creating experiences and storytelling through art.”

Having majored in Industrial / Product design at NC State, Meduso has a professed love of design as well as production, constantly learning new programs and techniques to further express his vision for the Meduso project. “The Meduso project all began with a vision to create audio visual experiences pushing the limits of sound and design. I wanted to create something that was true to me. Whether the music causes people to get lost in sound, party with their friends, or dive deep into thought and self reflection, I want to curate an experience that makes people feel alive in the moment.”

We’re excited to see the project continue to evolve! Meduso is in Arizona THIS WEEKEND (September 4th) with Smoakland. Grab tickets here!

Connect with Meduso:  Facebook I Twitter | IG I Soundcloud

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