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We’re Going Off The Grid With ‘Excursions Volume 1’

Prepare to go on a journey with Excursions Volume 1, the first compilation from Off The Grid Records, a record label and event brand created by John Summit. Released on September 2nd, the compilation features various artists across the electronic scene. Off The Grid Records was dubbed by Summit as a label with “his own imprint, with nothing off limits.”

Since the inception of the label in March 2022, Off The Grid Records has made a splash, hosting a takeover party in Miami, and creating major waves with Summit’s release of “In Chicago,” which garnered the number 1 spot on BeatPort.

With the release of Excursions Volume 1, Summit stated via Twitter, “I’m so happy I’m at the point where I can use my label/events to launch other careers now.” The compilation features 6 individual tracks, and also includes an extended version of each song (so that the fun never ends!) Check them out below!

1. Max Styler – “Resist”
It’s okay to be lured in to Max Styler’s ‘Resist.” With lyrics like, “pulling you closer, and you can’t resist it,” this track showcases a yummy blend of vocals and tasty tech-house beats that would even have Cupid unable to resist!

2. Matt Sassari – “Boom Boom” Feat. CHRSTPHR

You won’t be able to keep your feet on the ground with this one! Matt Sassari and CHRSTPHR do well to shake things up with ‘Boom Boom.’ Interwoven layers of spoken vocals and a solid bass-line create a fun and atmospheric tone to this track.

3. LUCATI – “Free Your Mind”
Stressed out? Overthinking? Don’t worry, LUCATI has the perfect remedy for you! All you gotta do is “free your mind.” With smooth, echoed vocals and a tune with extreme dance potential, this is surely a vibe that’ll ease your worries, and get you moving!

4. Ranger Trucco – “Hidden Groove”
Is your groove on display? I hope so! With Trucco’s ‘Hidden Groove’, this song carves influences with hints of tropical, jazzy, and electronic influences all mixed into one. Make sure to break in your dancing shoes, and get in the groove!

5. Basura Boyz & Bedran. – “Slide” Feat. Ron Carroll
Move to the right, and dip, baby, dip! With Chicago-styled influence from Basura Boyz and Ron Carroll, and tech-house influenced Bedran. This song will get you sliding each and every direction! With a sleek drop in the second half of the song… don’t let this one slide by, give this one a listen!

6. Vitor Vinter & Sudden Heat – “Voy Voy”
Mix a dash of trumpet, and papi, and you’ve got “Voy Voy.” Alluring listeners with tantalizing and tempting tech-house beats, Vitor Vinter and Sudden Heat add their own Brazilian influences to create a song that will get you going!

Take a hike… on over to the Off the Grid Block Party featuring John Summit (and special guests) on September 25th in Tempe, AZ. Grab your tickets here!

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