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Heavy Hitters Only, The Artists Behind Savage Society Records

Bringing the heavy sounds from the underground, Savage Society Records has been bringing the heat from some of dubsteps heaviest genres, ranging from OG dubstep to heavy riddim/trench. Savage Society aims at collaborating with underrated or, better said, savage dubstep DJs and producers around the US, giving them a platform to release music and work with one another. Back in January, the Savage Society Takeover tour was announced and the artists of Savage Society have been hitting cities across the states.

Rampage Open Air 2019 – SavageSociety

For a decade, Savage Society has been dropping the filthiest dubstep and riddim/trench music. Founded back in 2013, by DJs and producers, Blankface (or Salar Saeidi) and Svgmaze (or Arthur Darbinyan), Savage Society was built on the same foundation they still follow today, to have a platform to release their music and music of other underground artists in the dubstep scene. The label was created at the cusp of dubsteps “golden era”; both Saeidi and Darbinyan were inspired by the rising genre and gained inspiration from dubstep legends like Funtcase, Skream, Rusko, etc. Since the creation of Savage Society, the record label has grown from a small tight-knit group to over 30 artists and growing. They keep a steady flow of releases, with some heavy hitters like “Blackout” by Decimate & Blankface, “Vanier” by Hamro & Inaktiv, “Shut Em Down” by Svdden Death & Yakz, and many more. Additionally, they have five volumes of Savage Select, an album with originals and collabs from the artists of Savage Society.

Nonetheless, Savage Society has a massive amount of heat to their label. With the growing lists of artists, there are endless amounts of unique sounds and tracks to listen to. Let’s take a deep dive into who some of these artists are and what heat they are bringing to the Savage Society Takeover.


Bringing some heavy chops and bass, Hamro’s riddim/trench tracks are on another level. Coming from Ottawa, Canada, Hamro (or Tarik Hamrouni)  is still pretty fresh to the scene, having just signed to Savage Society in 2022, but his talent is not to be slept on. His 613 EP released last year is a perfect introduction to what he is bringing to the Savage Society Takeover. His popular track, “South Keys,” has the classic energetic riddim/trench sound, with dark bass heavy chops. Another filthy track from 613, “Vanier” with Inaktiv, has a more deathstep sound, with the metal guitars and the heavy hollow bass drops. Hamro is making big moves in his career, having a packed tour schedule and this year he’ll be playing at big dubstep festivals, Forbidden Kingdom, and Lost Lands.


For over a decade, the Dubstep DJ Duo, Ernest and Kevin (BloodThinnerz), have been mixing up some hard hits. From Los Angeles, the duo produces tracks with wompy wobbling basslines and crisp kicks. The duo have been a part of Savage Society since its beginnings. Their music has kept that underground original riddim/trench sound adding their unique flips. BloodThinnerz’ top track “Gravedigger” which was released under Never Say Die Records, opens with a melodic robotic sound and then goes into the heavy banging bass drop. Their more recently released EP, Final Nerve, has a mix between bass-ridden grimy dubstep sounds and deep shadowy drops of riddim/trench.


Expanding the sounds of riddim/trench, Decimate (or Ryan Hanover) is bringing riddim/trench into the future. His tracks bring a certain uniqueness, adding extra spice to an already heavy genre. His track “Nebulous” is a great example of his special sound. The track has that original bouncing riddim/trench bass but with an added futuristic wubz and swinging synths that add some extra energy. Now name a better duo than hip hop and riddim—“Blackout” with Blankface ft. XAE, released under Savage Society, has just that. A perfect mix of hip hop, dark turbulent bass, and the heavy chops of riddim/trench, this track will have you vibing low to the floor. Although working with Savage Society, Hanover has tracks released on other big labels, such as Cyclops Records, Circus, Subsidia, and more. Decimate with his distinctive sound has gained the attention of many big names in dubstep and stays dropping a steady flow of his crazy riddim/trench tracks.


Now for the co-founder himself, Blankface (or Salar Saeidi), a pioneer and legend of Savage Society. Saeidi has been killing it in the dubstep scene since as early as 2009. As mentioned before, gaining inspiration from the legends of the “golden era” of dubstep his music blends the sounds of that time with the new age of heavy dubstep and riddim/trench. If you explore his discography, you’ll definitely see some interesting song titles, but let’s be honest, if a riddim/trench song doesn’t have a title like “Goats on Acid,” it isn’t going to be as fire. His recently released track, “Iron Hall,” has a mind-bending wobbling sound with low bumping bass. Other tracks like “Hi Tek (Blankface VIP)” with Spass and “Slip N Slide” also have a unique vibrating wobble riddim/trench flip. Taking it back to Savage Select Vol. 1, his song “Fight of The Navigator” with Stinkahbell, has the deep and enchanting sounds of old school dubstep. Blankface can simply do it all and with his background in dubstep his sounds are unmatched.


Last but not least, the other co-founder and legend of Savage Society, Svgmaze (or Arthur Darbinyan) brings heavier sounds of dubstep internationally. Darbinyan took his knowledge from the “golden era” of dubstep and heavy metal and blended them to create his insane sounds. Composed of minimal bass heavy crunchy drops and roaring bass. You can hear some of that special minimal sound in his tracks like “Red Grenade” and “Machine VIP.” For some strong OG bass with Svgmaze’s specialty sound, listen to his tracks like “Forfeit,” “Gundown,” with Blankface, and his bootleg of “Trademark USA” by Baby Keem. Although his sound feels more minimal, it is high-powered by bass and brings some high energy.

The above artists are just a few of the many wicked artists that make up Savage Society, each with their own unique style and sound. Savage Society isn’t just a record label, it is a family. A family comprised of some of the best underground heat from dubstep and riddim/trench.

Whether it is heavy dubstep or energetic riddim/trench, the sounds coming from Savage Society Records contains massive power. All of the five DJ’s and producers above are all part of the Savage Society Takeover. The takeover, plus special guests, is making its way through Albuquerque at Effex Nightclub, May 25th and shortly after, here in Tempe at Darkstar, June 3rd. Prepare yourself for the dark and heavy sounds straight from the underground and grab your tickets here for ABQ & Tempe.

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