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REAPER Drops Emotional DNB Heater, ‘Monster’ With Josh Rubin

Rising drum & bass DJ and producer, REAPER recently dropped his new track, “Monster,” with Josh Rubin. The track features a soul-stirring message with uplifting melodies and powerful bass. The passion-filled vocals from Josh Rubin, narrate a hopeful tale of fighting your monsters and overcoming mental battles. The track is energized by the echoing womping bass, ascending drums and speedy kicks. “Monster” blends together the sounds of DNB and dubstep. The second drop of the track turns it into a classic dubstep banger, chopping it up with some blazing heavy metal bass and roaring swinging synths. “Monster” has exhilarating drops that perfectly mix these two subgenres of dubstep.

REAPER has been killing it in the drum & bass scene. Although mainly producing drum & bass, he has the ability to create and perfectly balance DNB and dubstep into his music/live sets. Some of his popular tracks you may have heard include: “IMY” ft. Bella Renee, “Barricade,” and “Death Rattle” ft. Blanke, all of which showcase this ability.

Multi-talented Josh Rubin returns to work with REAPER on “Monster” to bring the lyrics to life on their new track. Rubin is a singer, songwriter, DJ, and producer, who’s voice perfectly pairs with melodic and emotional electronic music. The two have previously worked together on their electrifying track “Runaway.” They did not miss on “Monster,” creating yet another powerful track.

As DNB rises here in the states, REAPER has been a staple artist in its growth, consistently dropping energetic bass heavy rollers with positive uplifting tones. For all my DNB enthusiasts, add “Monster” ft. Josh Rubin to your playlists, keep REAPER on your radar, and check out more of his stuff below.

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