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A Journey Through GRiZ’s Musical Evolution – ‘Rebel Era’

GRiZ’s last curated festival before his indefinite hiatus, Ursa Major, will be held in Flagstaff from September 22nd to 24th. As my all-time favorite artist, I wanted to write a series of articles highlighting GRiZ’s albums and his remarkable musical journey. His unwavering commitment to love and inclusivity shines brightly even in the darkest times, and his ascent up the festival ladder has been nothing short of meteoric. GRiZ captivates audiences with his unparalleled live show, featuring live instruments and vocals that add a unique dimension to his performances. His shows blend funk, bass, and house, which is evident in the diversity of his music throughout the years. In this article, I am thrilled to explore his third album, Rebel Era.

In 2013, GRiZ dropped his third album, Rebel Era, and my life was changed. This album solidified GRiZ as a trailblazer in the industry. While Mad Liberation showcased GRiZ’s skill in bringing elements of dub into funk, Rebel Era was a focus on his spin of funk as a whole. My favorite album of all time, this album does not disappoint.

Starting off with a SoundCloud exclusive song, “Gettin Live” is a perfect start to the album. With a melody that reminds me of an old western movie, the last drop sets the tone of an incredibly produced album.

Following that, “Hard Times” and “Feel the Love” showcase GRiZ’s skills in slower songs, and are beautifully incorporated with his signature dubstep elements and beautiful vocals. Speeding it up, “Dtw to Dia (The Travels of Mr. B)” takes the listener on a journey that ends with dancing, and is a testament to his own personal journey from Detroit to Michigan.

“Simple,” featuring the Floozies, and “Dance With Me” are perfect songs to groove to, with their funky basslines and melodies. Speeding it back up, “Do My Thing,” “Too Young for Tragedy Pt 2,” and “Crime in the City” promise to get you jumping, and are big hits whenever he plays these songs in a throwback set. Finishing the album with another collaboration with Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic, “How It Ends” is a beautiful song driven by a catchy melody and beautiful saxophone sounds. Listen to the whole album below!

GRiZ will be missed. Make sure to check him out before his indefinite hiatus. Tickets are currently sold out, but more info about Ursa Major can be found here!

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