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RB Exclusive Interview: Space Wizard

We’re thrilled to present an exclusive interview with none other than the Colorado-based maestro of bass himself, Mike Munnelly, AKA Space Wizard. This dubstep virtuoso has mesmerized audiences since 2016 with his innovative blend of new and classic bass sounds. In this RB Exclusive Interview, we dive into the mind behind the music, exploring his journey, influences, and unique take on the dubstep universe. Get ready to dive into the wizardry that powers the beats!

Can you give us some insight into the inspiration behind your music and the creative process you go through when producing a new track, like your latest single, “Computer User,” and others? Are there any specific techniques or influences you incorporate into your music?

A lot of my creative process is purely random. I will go for weeks just throwing stuff at a wall, and nothing’s working, then I will randomly get a melody and just run with it. Tracks like “Computer User” are all about finding a motif and sticking with it for long enough to get comfortable, then throwing a wrench in it.

As an artist, you have a unique and distinct sound. How would you describe your musical style, and what do you believe sets you apart from other EDM artists? How has your sound evolved since you first emerged in 2016?

I think a lot of it comes with just how I mixdown my songs and what sounds I enjoy using. I also like to think I hit a lot of genres with my music and sets, so I think it helps keep people interested.

What compelled you to follow this career path in EDM? Are there any artists that have inspired or influenced your sound?

A kid at work installed Ableton on my computer, and I was hooked. I think my biggest inspiration at the moment is Lorn, and it always has been honestly. I love to create vibes and soundscapes while also packing a punch.

Collaborations often play a significant role in the EDM scene. Is there a dream collab you have in mind? What other artists or genres would you like to explore working with in the future?

I am lucky enough to have gotten one of my dream collabs with Svdden Death, but I am always striving for a G Jones or Getter collab, haha.

Photo from Space Wizard’s Facebook

The EDM genre is constantly evolving. How do you stay current and innovative while staying true to your artistic identity? Can you provide any specific examples where you showcased innovation or maybe took some liberties with your music?

I always just make what I want to hear, and it has worked so far. I think that trying to follow trends can be dangerous and suck all the fun out of making art.

Any surprises or unique elements you have in store for your Cosmic Voyage tour?

Cosmic Voyage tour stops are definitely more of a journey than, say, a festival set. I hit a lot of genres and even found space to play some older OG tunes of mine. I have a lot of unreleased bootlegs and tunes I have made just for this tour as well, so it’s a lot of fun seeing how people respond to them.

Can you share any upcoming projects or releases that fans can look forward to? Any hints about what they can expect from your music in the near future?

I’m workin’ on an EP, maybe a few collabs. That’s as much as I can say right now, haha.

Space Wizard & YDG collab released August 4th

You have and continue to do a lot of traveling! What are some of your favorite memories or moments from these performances, and what do you enjoy most about these events?

I think my favorite thing about traveling is seeing all my friends and just simply catching up.

What’s one festival or location you’ve always dreamed of playing? It could be one you’ve already conquered or one you still have your sights set on. If you were only allowed to play one more show ever, where/what would you choose?

I had always dreamed of playing Decadence because it was my first ever “real” festival, and I finally got to do that last year, and it was everything I had hoped for.

As an artist, what message or feeling do you hope to convey through your music to your listeners? Is there a particular emotion or connection you aim to create with your audience?

My message would be to go create because it really is just as easy as going and doing it. If I can do it, I swear literally anyone can.

Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring artists looking to make their mark in the industry, just like you have, and develop their own unique sound?

Don’t follow trends. Stay true to yourself, find a theme, and always be grateful.

*Bonus Question: The people need to know, what’s your hair routine?

Honestly, it’s nothing crazy. Just simply shampoo and conditioner every few days, haha.

Having delivered mind-bending performances as promised throughout the tour thus far, we’re eagerly looking forward to the rest of the year and the potential for exciting collaborations or a new EP on the horizon. In the meantime, you can catch Space Wizard on his Cosmic Voyage tour this Friday, August 4th at Effex Nightclub in Albuquerque and again on Saturday, August 5th at Darkstar in Tempe. Grab tickets now!

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