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Apashe Releases Classical New Track, ‘Revenge of the Orchestra,’ Ft. Magugu

In an awe-inspiring blend of classical and electronic pulse, Apashe has just released his highly anticipated single, “Revenge of the Orchestra,” featuring magnetic vocalist Magugu.

“After the release of my album ‘Renaissance,’ the orchestra was tragically killed. However, it is now poised for a triumphant return, seeking vengeance. I’m pleased to present you ‘Revenge of the Orchestra’ featuring Magugu,” Apashe revealed in a statement. This story of resurrection forms the backbone of the track, breathing a sense of urgency and purpose into its soaring strings and intense beats.

Adding to its grandiosity, the song was recorded with the Philharmonic Orchestra at the historic Rudolfinum in Prague. This majestic setting integrates the track with a layer of classical sophistication, seamlessly fitting into Apashe’s signature electronic framework.

Check out the music video here:

Apashe – Revenge Of The Orchestra (ft. Magugu)

You can see Apashe live in Tucson on October 10th and again in Phoenix on October 14th.

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