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Get Ready to PLAY: RL Grime Shares His Third Studio Album

This fall, get ready to elevate your music experience to another level. RL Grime, the trailblazer of the electronic music scene, is back with his much-anticipated third studio album, PLAY. Coming off the heels of his groundbreaking 2018 album, NOVA, the artist has crafted a collection of music that transcends genres and defies expectations.

PLAY doesn’t merely offer a playlist of songs; it unfolds like an epic saga in three acts. Comprising 21 meticulously curated tracks, the album is divided into three thematic sections: APEX, GRID, and RUSH. Each section showcases a distinct facet of RL Grime’s signature sound, making it an auditory journey you won’t want to miss.

The first act serves as an all-encompassing introduction to the album, offering a taste of RL Grime’s incredible range.

This section exposes listeners to the raw, high-energy beats for which RL Grime is famous. Expect heavy drops and unforgettable hooks that will leave you yearning for more.

The final act provides an exhilarating end to the album. Fusing rhythmic beats with evocative lyrics, RUSH encapsulates the RL Grime experience and leaves the listener craving the next sonic journey.

PLAY promises to be an immersive experience, as the artist has once again demonstrated his adeptness at blurring the lines between genres and bringing a fresh perspective to the music scene.

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