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Tape B’s Top Five Flips That Will Leave You Melting

Rising DJ and producer Tape B has been killing it in the bass scene and has been throwing down his specialty beats on his Old School x New School fall tour. Revitalizing the sounds of OG old school dubstep with a fresh modern bass flip, Tape B has been turning heads with his mind-melting bass and wobbling music. With his unique perspective to bass music, he has been shining in the spotlight.

Tape B’s original tracks are breathtaking, bass heavy, and high energy. If you follow Tape B, you know he drops the nastiest remixes of popular hip-hop, pop, other EDM songs, etc. With some crazy drops, a Tape B flip will never disappoint and will for sure leave you with a melting bass face. Although there is a long list of absolutely insane Tape B remixes, I have chosen five of my favorites and a couple honorable mentions that showcase the filthiness Tape B brings in his remixes. Check it out down below!

Goldie – A$AP Rocky (Tape B Flip)

An all time classic, Tape B’s remix of “Goldie” by A$AP Rocky is one of those remixes that is constantly on repeat. The deep waves of wobbling bass pair perfectly with “Goldie” and Tape B flips the track into a dubstep banger. The rapping from “Goldie” layered on top of the deep swings of bass magically blend together. This hard-hitting remix adds in some extra spice into the original song that makes it pure gold.

Gold Dust – DJ Fresh / Flux Pavillion Remix (Tape B Flip)

Speaking of gold, Tape B’s remix of the legendary track “Gold Dust” by DJ Fresh (Flux Pavillion Remix) is absolutely mental. Now there are a lot of remixes of “Gold Dust,” but nothing can prepare you for one like Tape Bs. The echoing roars of womping bass consume the original track and Tape B chops up some grimy beats into the mix. Tape B’s “Gold Dust” remix is mind-boggling and hits differently. 

In My Head – Galantis (Tape B/DropTalk Remix)

Bringing out the old school sounds of dubstep into the emotional feels of Galantis’ “In My Head,” Tape B showcases his producing talent. The drop on this remix feels like it is pulled straight from the “golden age” of dubstep. The stretched out womps, vibrating spirals of bass, experimental drum beats, layered with the angelic vocals from “In My Head.” Tape B collabing with Droptalk, together completely inverted the original track into a hypnotic bass melting track.

Purple Swag – A$AP Rocky (Tape B Flip)

There’s something about Tape B’s remixes of A$AP Rocky’s tracks that are just pure heat. The “Purple Swag” Tape B remix brings out the futuristic dubstep beats with a chompy bassline and dark winding bass. Another one of Tape B’s tracks that exemplifies his use of old school and new dubstep to create magical drops.

10 Freaky Girls – Metro Boomin w/ 21 Savage (Tape B Remix)

Tape B blends together hip hop, trap, and dubstep on his remix of Metro Boomin and 21 Savage’s track, “10 Freaky Girls.” Low thundering bass paired with the crisp kicks and minimal drums create a mind-bending flip.

Honorable Mentions

Choosing only five of Tape B’s remixes is difficult when each one is as filthy as the last one. The tracks above are definitely some of my personal favorites but I had to throw in a couple honorable mentions that just can’t go unmentioned.

Gucci Gucci – Kreayshawn (Tape B Remix)

A throwback classic turned into a filthy bass track, Tape B’s remix of “Gucci Gucci” by Kreayshawn is mind-melting. The pulsating bass wubs balances perfectly with the rhymes from Kreayshawn that elevate the track to another level.

Eyes On Fire – Blue Foundation (Tape B Remix)

Tape B’s remix of “Eyes On Fire” by Blue Foundation is definitely up there in top remixes with drops that are just otherworldly. The distorted chops of low rolling bass and the spellbinding vocals from the original song are truly mystical. This track will leave you in an out-of-body experience.

Adding in his specialty bass into brain-tickling flips, Tape B remixes can never miss. These remixes truly showcase Tape B’s exceptional producing ability. He is trailblazing a new path for dubstep and bass music. As mentioned above there is a variety of remixes made by Tape B that I highly recommend you check out on his soundcloud, here. In addition, Tape B will be bringing his Old School x New School tour to Gentle Ben’s in Tucson, December 1st. For more info and grab your tickets here.

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