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Klingande's Biography

After hitting #1 on Hype Machine (twice!), receiving more than 100 million combined views across YouTube, and getting an additional 20 million plays on SoundCloud with his debut single “Jubel,” French producer Klingande comes back with his new sound in 2015 and an album soon.

“Jubel” was already a massive success in Germany after spending seven weeks at #1 and is firmly established as a huge international smash hit with #1 placings in 30 countries, as it became the most Shazamed track across Europe and #26 most Shazamed track of all time. Its popularity has since spread globally, maintaining its position in charts for several weeks now and selling around 1 million singles.

“With ‘Jubel,’ I wanted to bring love, happiness and this summer feeling to people,” Cédric explains. I love using the saxophone, because it’s a powerful instrument with a warm sound that expresses different emotions and feelings.”

Both Klingande and “Jubel” are named after Swedish words, due to the artist’s love of the nation’s house music. Jubel means joy, and Klingande is taken from the word for “sounding.”

Klingande was formed in December of 2012 by Cédric, a 24-year-old from Croix in Northern France.

Cédric studied music theory as a child but became immersed in electronic music as a teenager; initially a DJ, he soon also began to work on his own original productions. After his year of production and music school in London, he came back and produced, releasing “Jubel” and “Punga” in 2013.

Klingande has spent much of 2014 touring throughout Europe, the US and Asia. His last single to be released in mainland Europe was “Punga,” another track that features his distinctive house-meets-saxophone sound and also earned a huge online following.

Several singles and an EP are expected this year, with his new remix of Alex Adair released January 17, titled “Make Me Feel Better” (Klingande Remix). On February 3, Klingande released his remix for Avicii’s single “Divine Sorrow,” featuring Wyclef Jean. And on February 23, Klingande is coming with his new single “RIVA (Restart the Game),” featuring French singer Broken Back. This single keeps Klingande’s spirit and melodies, with the use of harmonica instead of saxophone. Riva is another Swedish word, meaning “tear.” The name was chosen according to the lyrics of the song.

Klingande is represented by Cédric, who spend much of his time between stages, planes and his studio in Lille (FR). Klingande will also be on tour in Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, Australia, the UK and the US again in the following months.

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