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An explosion of a Sub-Genre Trap-Style is gaining momentum and a craze in Los Angeles. On Friday August 17th OTB had an invite from KatHaus Records and His management Team EnvyUS, to experience this new genre first hand, we also spoke with one of the largest players in the Trap-Style movement, Luminox.

Club Los Globos, a two-story restaurant cleared out for the night’s event. Upon walking in, I did not know what to expect from that type of venue but was immediately impressed by the quality of the sound system. The bass was loud and clear with plenty of clarity in the high frequency range. To me the sound quality is something that can make or break a show all together, especially when enjoying the sounds of bass music.

Early on in the night there were only a few people in attendance so we took this opportunity to interview Luminox on the outside patio. We asked about how he defines trap-style, “It’s a fusion of club hip-hop instrumentals with all the sounds of EDM, it’s party, it’s dance, it’s perfect.” We also discussed his roots and inspiration of getting into Trap-Style, “I wanted to be a Hip-Hop producers, then in 2008-2009 I got into EDM, Dutch-house, dub-step and I started producing it, it was trendy, popular and I was pretty good at it.” After diving deep into the roots of his music, our interview had a interesting interruption, the DJ playing right before his set decided to play his well know remixes of Epic & Rattle (link beatport), a very poor line of etiquette in the DJ world. “Its like playing levels, right before Avicii goes on”

We continued the interview by asking about his current inspirations artist that he look up to, “I get inspired by everyone’s music, not just EDM. Trance, I really love the melodic basis of it and even more so Dutch house.” We ended the interview with speaking to the future and what are the next steps for Luminox and Trap-Style “I think the genre is very young, it’s new, people are beginning to catching on, and it sounds awesome. I also think the sounds are really basic at this point; people are going to start thinking outside the box when producing. Everything evolves, and I think Trap-style has a long rage.” He ended the interview with trust class. “I really want to say thank you, thank you to all my fans, I have only been Luminox for 3 months now and I have had some overwhelming support from all of you as fans, thank you!”

We wrapped up the interview and by this point the room was filling up with people but still not at capacity. Which was nice not having to fight for good spot on the dance floor. Luminox opened up with a few grungy dub step tracks leading to some of his signature Trap-Style remixes. For those who are not familiar, Trap style is a clash between dub step & hip-hop slower hip-hop style beats, dirty lead synths, and a solid bass line that will satisfy any bass-lover. There was a huge vibe amongst audience hinting that the popularity of this scene is about to blow up. It is the perfect clash of music for those who prefer EDM; those prefer hip-hop, and those who enjoy both.

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