Relentless Beats

Michael James

Country United States

Label Blue Moon


Michael James's Biography

WHAT words can be said to describe an artist, to truly reflect the their talents? Something that hasn’t already been twisted into a million of the same generic biography’s layered with cookie cutter party photos and tons and tons of fluff? It’s almost impossible nowadays and all while the professional mixer is getting drowned out by bedroom DJ’s turned nightclub show guns.

MICHAEL JAMES is not a computer born DJ. MJ is old school. MJ is new school. His talent comes from what they call experience and many folks have forgotten what that word even means. He’s played every format basically known to the DJ world and mastered them all. Today you’ll find him on CDJS like most House DJ’s but, every now and then you may see a rare turntable performance just for the sake of taking it back.

MJ is in constant motion and you can see that with the Residencies he’s taken over the years. The parties have spanned across the nation serval times. WMC & UMF have been consistent staples in his career. His Ultra Music Festival (UMF) appearances in 07’08’09’10’11 have been his biggest accomplishments to date. Nightclubs like BED & NIKKI BEACH have been home to several annual parties hosted by MJ’s roster partners at and crew, actively promoting getaway events year round in Cabo, Tahoe, Las Vegas and LA for the always crazy A.W.O.L. events. Over the years he has been asked to play along side several renowned artists including Dada Life, Avici, Kaskade, Cedric Gervais, Robbie Rivera, Armin Van Buren, Chuckie, Chris Lake, Sander Klienenberg, just a handful of the thousands he’s played with.

Currently, MJ resides in Los Angeles, California where he is furthering his audio knowledge with the talented folks at ICON COLLECTIVE. ICON; a very highly rated & praised digital EDM production school credited by it’s advisors Steve Duda “BSOD”, Mark Knight, & Bad Boy Bill. These are just a few of the talents that sit on ICON’s extensive advisory board. The new skills acquired are already evident with his constant bootleg releases found at Stay tuned for his highly anticipated EP release in DEC 12′ with several Los Angeles collaborations.

If you’d like to catch him in person, most weekends he’s in his 2nd home playing his residencies in Scottsdale, AZ at Smashboxx (Awarded Best AZ), Wild Knight, & the the newly opened Monarch Theater in Downtown Phoenix. His 6 year partnership with Relentlessbeats is one of the main reasons MJ has been able to flourish in the AZ scene. Over that time RB has grown into the biggest EDM producer in the state, bringing every EDM name imaginable to the Valley. MJ has also played many integral roles (besides DJ) with iconic RB productions such as Colossal, The Big Event, Armin Van Buren and Avici’s House for Hunger Tour. MJ also hosts the weekly podcast on where you can hear artists from all over the world and also get daily updates on RB events. You can also find info for MJ’s tour dates at his main site and be sure to look out for the new CD series & tour coming out in July 12′.

On to the music.. how do you like it? He’ll figure you out.

Growing up in South Florida (Mia), MJ developed his unique percussive-infused sound at a very young age. His sets have been described as, “a cross between Eric Morillo and Sander Kleinenberg” with a chuggy electroish style, infused with lots of percussion & vocals. MJ is dance floor doctor, once he has made his diagnosis, the prescription is always for multi-sensory maddness. Michael James is NOT a jukebox so requests are normally out but if the floor is need of some cheese, MJ is a professional and will always make it work. Early prog, driving percussive (his fav), high energy, bang the room out… it’s in his arsenal since he loves and plays them all.

One thing is for certain, if you’re looking for an artist with the experience to play your show the RIGHT way, MJ is your man. The total package, a crowd master. Zero defeats, Thousands of knockouts!

“-After years of playing different styles you learn the best DJ’s blend all styles for a much more dramatic and interesting experience… I play what I like”

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