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Kygo Mixes it up With New ‘Stargazing’ EP

Known for his tropical house sounds, Norwegian-born Kygo is changing up his recognizable style a bit in his most recent EP, Stargazing, which was released in last month. The EP features many of Kygo’s recent hits, including “It Ain’t Me,” with Selena Gomez, and “First Time,” with Ellie Goulding. What remains strays a from what we typically know of Kygo. Check out the new music video for the lead single off Stargazing.


The lead single from the EP Stargazing features goosebump-inspiring vocals by Justin Jesso and a slower melody. Similarly, “This Town,” with vocals by Sasha Sloan, showcases acoustic guitar with a subtle, chillstep beat. “You’re the Best Thing About Me,” a collaboration with U2, sounds much more U2-inspired rock n’ roll-esque than typical Kygo, but it’s upbeat and fun nonetheless.

Kygo’s new EP is clearly different than his norm, but it’s really quite refreshing to hear some variety that is still reminiscent of the old Kygo we love.

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