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ZHU has brought us the highly anticipated RINGOS DESERT, following his previous release of a 7-track Pt. 1 preview that brings to life a story that has a smooth and crisp finish. The San Francisco producer delivers distinct vocals and specific instrumentation while keeping his identity out of the limelight in a successful attempt for the music to do the talking. The sophomore album has appearances from Tame ImpalaTOKiMONSTA, Majid JordanKarnaval Blues, and others, creating a beautifully executed dark excitability that well captures his sound.

Standout tracks include “Coming Home” featuring Majid, “Save Me,” “Still Want You” with Karnival Blues, “Stormy Love” featuring Joy, and of the course his hit “My Life” with Tame Impala. ZHU purposely brings real-life feeling and dark sensibility through truly dynamic guitar play, accompanied by classic but sharp synthesis. However what really dictates his style are his stunning vocals accompanied by ambient and vibrant pads, adding a euphoric feeling that is very precise and definitive of his portrayed story and brand. It has just the right amount of tracks that leave a slightly more upbeat touch, while also including plenty of deeper emotional tracks that give him his artistic tag.  This album reveals the grim reality of life, with themes of love and self-motivation throughout, making this much more than just a large collection of songs. A highly recommended album, this is a piece of work that should not go unnoticed.

He is currently on his DUNE tour, which started September 7th in Chico and ends on October 26th at Red Rocks. He makes his Arizona appearances on September 16th and returns for another performance October 24th, both dates at The Van Buren. The 16th is sold out, but you can purchase tickets for the 24th here. Get them before its too late!

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