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Tynan Releases a ‘Heartless’ Remix

With electronic music continuing to grow and expand, standing out may seem like a difficult task for an artist. For TYNAN, standing out has always been a part of who he is. TYNAN has been producing the Dark Trap style sounds that have been blown up on the internet. Nothing is too weird or too unusual when it comes to his sound of music, generally that is just what he ends up with. He is a weird guy, who has found a way to express who he is while connecting with many others who can relate to him through his music.

He has a knack for taking the mainstream and giving it underground vibes. We see this come to life with his remix of a fan favorite, Kayne West’s “Heartless.” He remixed the song not in it’s true form but a remade form by multi-Grammy nominated  singer and producer Bright Lights. He took was originally melodic and moody, then turned pop infused and made it a dark and trappy beat that gives it total new life. Check it out below.

You can catch Tynan alongside Eptic on November 30th. Grab tickets here!

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