Relentless Beats

Mondays Suck. Listen to Good Music.

If I can be honest about one thing right now, it’s how much I hate Mondays. Seriously, I dread Mondays like most people dread talking to their significant others’ parents. I’ve found that there is no real cure for bad cases of the Mondays, but something new and good to listen to always helps me get to 5 PM.

Waking you up this morning we have a brand new remix of The Naked & Famous’ No Way. Mixing that open house feel with the great vocals of N&F, this song is an absolute beauty to wake up too. I’m not a fan of blasting my ears off with Skrillex first thing on a Monday morning, so for those of you who share my sentiment I hope you enjoy this Disfunktion Bootleg of No Way. After you finish getting out of bed, scroll on down for your second dose of music caffeine this morning.

I promise this brand new club banger by my boy Michael Woods will get you up, hands down (editor note. Michael Woods plays Sound Kitchen / Wild Knight Friday, April 6, 2012). If this isn’t sexy enough for you on a Monday morning, I don’t know what it’d take to get you going. A heavy bass line with Missy Elliot’s (can’t believe I’m posting a song of hers) sexy hook make this my Monday Morning jam. Michael Woods hasn’t had the same success in the US that a lot of dubstep artists have, but don’t be fooled this UK legend is one of the most talented DJs in the world. Make sure to keep an eye on him as he looks set for a big year. Click here to get rid of your hangover.

Good Morning & Happy Monday. Just remember, the weekend is only 4 days away.

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