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Random Access Memories Streaming Live on iTunes [And An Internet Near You]

Straight from the French robots’ hard drives to your computer speakers, Random Access Memories is now streaming from iTunes and, well, across the entire internet for that matter.

More than the little snippet of “Give Life Back To Music”, previewed in their latest hype machine video, all 13 tracks are being grooved and moved through the world as we speak. From the funky guitar beats of Nile Rodgers to the sultry piano riffs of Chilly Gonzales and the phasing electronic voices of the robots themselves, the nu-disco album is not only streaming across the internet, but has been reportedly leaked by various electronic music blogs.

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories Unboxed

The hype this album has garnered may very well be realized upon the full audial session for fans across the world. Daft Punk’s PR is widely recognized as one of the biggest lead up’s to an album in electronic scene, quite possibly ever.

They’re throwback to the retro 70s certainly hasn’t been incorrect either, which listeners will understand upon first listen. “The Seventies and the Eighties are the tastiest era for us… It’s not that we can’t make crazy futuristic sounding stuff, but we wanted to play with the past,” Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo told Rolling Stone in last month’s interview.

Far from the banging rave anthems currently rocking most electronic-genred iPods, this albums is made up of easy listening moods and soft, melodic vibes, perfect for ambience.

For those who want to still continue to wait for the album’s release before listening, May 21 is coming quickly.

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