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Kaskade Takes Us Behind ‘Atmosphere’ Music Video

Cali born Kaskade isn’t used to singing in EDM, let alone his own music. It definitely leads to more face time in the new music video for his tune, ‘Atmosphere‘, where he lends his voice for the first time!

“Typically in my videos, I just play, like uh, small role,” says Kaskade. “They have a cameo of me doing whatever, hanging out. This is different. I play more of a primary role.”

Kaskade – Atmosphere (Behind The Scenes)

With button down shirt buttoned all the way up, Kaskade takes a large number of his fans and has a photo booth photo shoot, as they dance and rave around.

Excited as they all seem, I bet they can’t wait for the rest of the new Kaskade album due out in September.

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