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Eric Prydz Essential Mix Download: LIVE From Ibiza

Eric Prydz is known by many names and many styles, and brought just about every one of them for Saturday’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix.As the rest of the Ibiza island floats closer to techno, I mostly expected Cirez D to make an appearance at Privilege for the occasion.

Premiering at 9:00-10:30pm EST, Pryda banged the heads of Spaniards across the club scene, putting on a show not only for them, but for BBC Radio 1 fans across the world.

Cirez D – Drums in the Deep (Mouseville Recordings)

Considering that producers and DJs alike hold Essential Mixes with high regard (it’s sparked life into many sparkling electronic careers), an established career like the one Mr. Prydz promised a lot of thing, and he certainly delivered.

The download is now available above on SoundCloud for deep tech fans worldwide.

The Swedish legend lived on Saturday, adding to the allure that is Pryda.

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