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John Dahlbäck Discusses Mutants Presents and “We Were Gods”

John Dahlbäck has been busy, but I was able to grab him for a few minutes to discuss Mutants Presents, a new release featuring 18 tracks including “Every Breath.” Mutants Records has been quite successful over the years and with all that success, I am always curious how artists and labels are adapting to the popularity of electronic dance music in the U.S. market. “With this release I wanted to bring out some upcoming talent I have found and release it on the label. I want to push this talent as much as I can and I want the label to stand out.”

Speaking of that talent, the new release features names like Greg Cerrone, Lunde Bros, and Kitsch 2.0. “This release is basically a showcase of where we are. All tracks are the most recent ones from these artists on the label. When I listened through the mix, I felt really good about the quality.” You will find quality in tracks like “Every Breath (Lucky Date Remix),” my favorite single on the album. “Amedei” is pretty good, too. I wonder if John has a favorite single from the album. “That’s a difficult question! I can’t name a favorite out of the bunch; it would feel wrong to the other artists.”

With the new album John is also unleashing a new website. “I wanted something simple that says, “here is the music” and, “here are my show dates.” The reaction has been good so far. Fans seem to really like the experience on the new site.”

Next John plans to release “We Were Gods” and will be hitting the road in support of all these new singles and the new album. You can also expect to see John at XS in Las Vegas, Nevada. “It’s a great place to be. XS is one of my favorite clubs in the world.”

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