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Repeat Button: Genix’s “Tryfan”

This certainly isn’t the first time UK producer Genix graced my speaker stereos with no end in sight, and I’m convinced that it won’t be his last.

With a combination of silk inflections, welded with cracking collisions to bring together pieces from all corners of the trance globe, Genix’s All Good Things EP uses the same formula for three songs that all their own, most notably, the latest Repeat Button.

Named after a Welsh peak in the Ogwen Valley, Snowdania, Wales (Can you locate that for me?), Genix moves mountains with his intro with dubbed womps that smash into listeners. Then. Suddenly. Piano Riff? Genix, you dog!

Genix – Tryfan (Official Video)

Maybe I’m just noticing it for the first time, and maybe our UK friend isn’t the only one who does this constantly, but does everyone remember that sound that Transformers made when they…well…transformed? Genix used that enchanting, full-bodied wrench to give an even rougher vibe to each of his latest tunes.

Imagine preparing to go to battle with Optimus Prime while pre-gaming to bash-tastic trance music. Jacked yet?

The EP-titled tune “All Good Things” best exemplifies this.

Genix – All Good Things (Official Video)

Thankfully, for the world, Genix mercifully has not kept us waiting for these tracks. They’re currently on Beatport, so eat up, children.


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