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Markus Schulz feat. Lady V “Winter Kills Me” Out Now

The journey of a DJ can be defined in multiple facets. The song, the set, the location, the milestone. Following the conclusion of his triumphant Scream story, Markus Schulz embarks on the next chapter; dedicated to the winter, but resonating beyond every season.

“Winter Kills Me” highlights his second collaboration with Victoria Horn, who descended into the hearts of many Coldharbour followers thanks to her emotional emission on the Scream 2 sequel, “Erase You.” Thanks to the electrifying connection, Lady V became an outstanding candidate to star on not just one of Markus’ signature career productions, but also to celebrate the 200th release of his Coldharbour outlay.

Along with the outstanding original, Markus welcomes a bona fide legend for his Coldharbour debut. Paul Oakenfold has continually played the role of dance music pioneer, with his desire and impact remaining as infectious today. His take on “Winter Kills Me” shifts towards the modern big-room sounds, primed for those peak festival moments throughout Christmas and New Year.

Rounding out the package, a Dutch duo who have begun to carve a legacy of their own, thanks to previous Coldharbour anthems such as “Apache” and “Underworld.” Fisherman & Hawkins provide the powerful combination of driving basslines and soaring melodies, which is sure to light up the artillery of many DJ sets worldwide.

It’s an incredibly proud moment for Markus and everyone at Coldharbour to celebrate 200 releases. And thanks to the exuberant resonance from the fans so far, “Winter Kills Me” is a fitting and defining piece.

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