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Eric Prydz Previews His Epic EDC Vegas Closer: “Opus”

To end another perfect set by the king of progressive house himself, Eric Prydz, had something extra special for his Prydaholic fans at EDC Las Vegas. About 10 minutes prior to the end of his set, the music fell quiet. Slowly, a beautiful melody that sounds like the strumming of a mandolin guitar starts up and builds anticipation as it picks up speed over the next four minutes, getting the crowd pumped for what’s about to ensue. Finally, Eric Prydz releases the feels of the epic almost four minute build up, and the 4/4 kick-drum with the progressive synths got the crowd going wild as they danced to the remainder of his nine-minute masterpiece.

He left the crowd wondering what that epic track was until shortly after we got the name of it, ‘Opus.’ Now earlier this week, Eric Prydz has released the track in its entirety to his Soundcloud for us to all bask in the glory of as we relive the closing of his EDC Las Vegas 2015 set. The official release date for this uplifting track will be July 27th.

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