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Krewella Takes On Sin City In Their ‘Somewhere To Run’ Music Video

Krewella‘s Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf have traversed the road to dance stardom together, and the evolution of the two songwriting sisters from dance DJs into a self-described “rock n’ rave” live act has been nothing but success. “We’re basically the same person,” says Jahan. “We’ve lived the same life, have the same experiences, lived in the same house… there’s not any sort of relationship you could ever have that would be closer to that.”

Krewella – Somewhere To Run

Krewella has faced an uphill battle ever since their release of ‘Rain Man’ as internet trolls accused them of being talent-less, producer-less, and unskilled without their third member. However these girls did a great job shutting up they’re haters with their single ‘Somewhere To Run’, letting everyone know that they are here to stay.

For someone who has yet to experience Las Vegas, watching Krewellas music video for ‘Somewhere To Run’ will give them a pretty good idea of what they’re getting themselves into. The video follows the sisters, Yasmine and Jahan throughout Las Vegas with appearances from 3LAU and director Rory Kramer, moving in and out of hotels and running on the strip. The girls allude to issues such as self-harm and suicide, bouncing the themes around from happy to downright dark. At the very least, it’s fun to watch. The sisters fully embrace the no rules environment as they veer from their usual electric sound to more of an upbeat pop melody.

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