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Mark Your Calendars for the End of Gesaffelstein’s Countdown

Mysterious producer Gesaffelstein has warned the world of his return with an ominous countdown. But a countdown to what exactly?

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Major techno-player Gesaffelstein had fans up in arms when he announced that Coachella would be the last opportunity to see his live show based off of the 2013 release of Aleph. Since then, fans have been waiting in the wings for a sign of his return. Well, wait no more (or maybe at least 60-ish more days) because it seems that Gesaffelstein has something big in store for his fans according to the countdown on his website. Just recently, he took to Facebook to make a cryptic post that solely contained the address to his website. On his website, all that’s available is an all-black page with a countdown that’s to the millisecond, as ominous music plays, rising dramatically, yet never coming to some sort of resolution. Since then fans have been buzzing all over social media asking the expected questions, “What could it be? It is an album? A tour? A new live show?”. No matter how we phrase it, we’ll just have to wait until September to find out what the big surprise is, but it can be assured that the techno world is on the edge of its seat.

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