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The Relentless Beat of the Week: HI-LO – “Wappy Flirt”

Ever since Oliver Heldens revealed his new label, Heldeep Records, and his new production alias, HI-LO, anticipation has been beyond high for the alias’ next release following “Renegade Mastah”. Well wait no longer because earlier this week Oliver Heldens dropped the brand new track from HI-LO and it is an incessant riot of a track. Previewing the fast-paced banger a couple of weeks ago through a Facebook post which shows a masked man shuffling to the track, Heldens has been building this one up big time. With that said, the Relentless Beat of the Week this time around goes out to the masterfully relentless track, “Wappy Flirt” by HI-LO.

The song certainly brings us back to the more minimal and earlier of Heldens’ tracks, those like “Gecko” and “Koala”, which rely entirely on the beat of the song. There are no vocals to support and not a whole lot of synth work that goes into giving the track a splash of diversity throughout. However, the beat and the bassline drive hard enough to support the track on their own, and do so with utmost elegance. When you’re listening, you don’t really mind that the track is repetitive because it is just that good. Much like “Gecko” and “Koala”, “Wappy Flirt” was meant for the clubs and I can almost guarantee that you will be hearing it out on the dance floor very soon and for quite a long time.

As his Oliver Heldens productions have become more melody driven over time, HI-LO is the perfect outlet for him to retrograde back to his days of creating these minimal and bass heavy club tracks. Some time has passed now since the big reveal of his HI-LO alias, and the reception to this new Oliver Heldens sound has been quite remarkable. To thank his fans for the support on this new project, Heldens recently took to social media to show his appreciation:

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.31.38 PM

You will have the opportunity to catch Oliver Heldens at Mad Decent Block Party this September where he will be playing the melodious tracks that you have come to love, those like “Melody”, “Shades of Grey” and “Bunnydance”. But in addition to these, keep your ears open for Oliver to take on some of his HI-LO tracks as well. As soon as the speakers start rattling with the heavy bass of “Crank It Up”, “Renegade Mastah”, or “Wappy Flirt”, the HI-LO mask is on and the audience better be prepared for a treat. Rawhide is the place to be on September 18th where you can also catch Dillon Francis, Major Lazer, and Yellow Claw!

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