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TomorrowWorld 2015 Artist Spotlight on Porter Robinson: His Unrivaled Live Show

Among the star-studded lineup for year three of TomorrowWorld is the immensely talented electro house producer, Porter Robinson, who will be performing his LIVE show. To make the occasion extra special, the cosmos will be bringing us a surprise during his set. As a rare occasion, the night of Sunday, September 27th will have a total lunar eclipse: the last one until January of 2018. That means as Porter Robinson brings all the feels, and may even bring some of us to tears with his beautiful music (I’ve seen it happen before), the Earth’s shadow will completely engulf the moon leaving a complete layer of darkness that will only intensify the amazing light-show that will be dazzling us from the stage.

While he may only be twenty-three years young, the North Carolina native has been producing music since the age of thirteen – literally for a decade. In his early years of producing music, he started with a Sony ACID Pro to create beats that would emulate the sounds one hears from video games, such as Dance Dance Revolution, and went from there. Throughout his teens, he fine-tuned his producing skills and then released his first single, “Say My Name” in 2010, which hit number one on Beatport’s Electro-House chart.

Porter Robinson – Language

Soon after, he caught Skrillex’s attention and he signed Porter to OWSLA for a one-EP deal. In 2011, Porter’s debut EP, “Spitfire” dropped as the first release from the OWSLA record label. “Spitfire” was such a huge success that it crashed the Beatport servers upon release as it shot up to the number one spot on the overall release chart, as well as number one on the iTunes Dance chart. In 2012, the ever-popular track “Language” was released and became one of the biggest dance music singles of the year. The following year, Mat Zo and Porter teamed up for yet another hit, “Easy” … I could go on and on, but the point is: Porter Robinson doesn’t just make tracks to release as much music as possible. Every one of his songs has been carefully crafted to bring you all the feels.

In addition to his mad producing skills, Porter Robinson became known for his ability to DJ and perform live sets that literally bring fans to tears from the shear beauty of them. Even the often critical and brutally honest Deadmau5 recognizes the talent of Porter, commenting about him in USA Today saying, “Porter Robinson plans, produces, and plays his own music… Being a DJ generally means being a human iPod. Porter is an authentic artist.” The fact that Deadmau5 calls Porter an “authentic artist,” giving him nothing but respect, just solidifies Porter’s status as a gifted, worldly musician.

Porter Robinson – Lionhearted ft. Urban Cone

His debut album, “Worlds” was released in 2014, featuring classics like “Lionhearted,” “Flicker”, “Divinity,” and my personal favorite, “Sad Machine.” This freshman album confirms just how much he matured as an artist, as he takes listeners for a ride with his video-game influenced, complextro electronic music that makes you and your soul happy. “Worlds” truly is an album that anyone and everyone in the world can appreciate, enjoy and relate to. As a young adult, his anthems incorporate the sounds of our youth, adding a nostalgic vibe to the strong, emotionally packed music.

On top of his mind-blowing music genius, Porter Robinson literally puts his all into every set when he gets up on that stage. Throughout the entirety of his sets every time I’ve seen him perform, he’s continuously singing every song, dancing, and thoroughly enjoying himself. It’s evident how much Porter loves and cares about the music as he gets down behind the decks. His passion for what he does is always apparent, and his immense energy contagiously spreads to the crowd, giving everyone a case of the feels and always making for a top-notch show. If you are at TomorrowWorld and you miss his live set, you’re doing it wrong – the magic of his live set at a festival truly is something that every music lover should experience.

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