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From the Mind of A Maestro and The Voice of A God Comes “Breathe” by Eric Prydz and Rob Swire

An Eric Prydz release is always a big deal. Any track that Rob Swire works on finds the spotlight… But what if I told you that these two masterminds crafted a track with one collective mind. That would be explosive, right?

Well, I give you “Breathe”. This is the latest track set to be featured on Eric Prydz’s forthcoming album, Opus, and it is a master-class in the production and vocal skills of each of these two artists, respectively. “Breathe” takes a step away from Prydz’s anthemic tracks that have come out of the wheel-house lately. Lulling us in with haunting synth-work and the always iconic voice of Swire, “Breathe” truly sets itself apart and let’s go of conventional structure. Might I add that the song clocks in at a brief 3:09, something we don’t often see from the magnificent Eric Prydz. You don’t need to force perfection it would seem.

Both artists have huge years ahead of them, and “Breathe” is only the beginning. Prydz’s Opus is set to drop early next month, February 5. While Rob Swire, not only touring with Knife Party, will play his first live show as Pendulum at Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

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