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Chainsmokers New Track “Inside Out” Features Incredible Vocals

Last week Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, better known as The Chainsmokers, released a new track featuring vocals from Charlee who is brand new on the scene.

Check it out:

It definitely separates itself from a lot of the other material released by the Chainsmokers. It’s one of their most melodic tracks, with almost a poetic feel to it. It’s catchy, though this duo has set the bar high with their previous tracks like “Roses” and “Kanye” and I’m not quite sure this one lives up to the hype of their previous releases.

However, the vocals on this track are absolutely killer. The Chainsmokers stated themselves in their SoundCloud description:

“So Charlee is from Sweden is probably the coolest, most authentic dark soul we have ever met. She oozes these types of heavy vibey lyrics.”

The duo also stated that they would also be working on some other music with her. “It’s looking like she will be the first artist we will ever be producing for that isn’t a Chainsmokers single. She is just that dope in our opinion,” they said.

Charlee’s got talent and the Chainsmokers definitely see that. Stay tuned for more from her. The Chainsmokers also said that they’ve been working extremely hard on some new material. Looks like 2016 is mapping out to be a big year for them.

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