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Another Awesome Diplo Collaboration With The Talented Sia

We’ve all come to learn that when it comes to collaborating to create a sound like no other, Diplo seems to be the artist in the spotlight. Talented singer Sia has teamed up with Diplo creating a song for the soundtrack to director Nicolas Winding Refn’s new movie The Neon Demon entitled “Waving Goodbye”.

The song begins with a few low percussions then as Sia’s powerful voice sneaks in, the song intensifies and Diplo’s appearance in the track become insanely obvious.  This heart-felt song is covered in the amazing DJ/producer’s magic touch as he matches the various tones of her voice with the perfect sounds, creating yet another incredible track. I think its safe to assume that we can expect many more unique collaborations from Diplo.

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Source: Billboard

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