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Au5 Releases Wub-tastic Two-Track EP with Q’AILA

On August 10th, 2016, Au5 brought his multi-colored brand of progressive house, along with a background in Glitch Hop, Dubstep, and Drum + Bass to form a very well-rounded double-sided digital E.P. on Soundcloud, with a little help from Q’AILA, a German-Canadian vocalist and songwriter who contributes an impressive set of vocal runs. Although Au5 has gained much of his success with singles on Beatport, Soundcloud, and other platforms that have caught attention bubbling under the mainstream, it is clear with the “Any Longer / Hit Rewind” E.P. that our Jersey-bonafide friend is rolling the dice with something more mainstream friendly.

Just taking a look at his last effort released over four months ago with the track, Shlappy, Mr. Bill and Au5 released this Glitch-Step track littered with various influences stemming from more ambient avenues, but still containing danceable yet genre specific beats. What does this mean for the fans of Au5 who have stuck with him from the very dawn? It looks like Au5 is instead relying on formal dubstep beats mixed with festival-esque big stadium synths that would fit in any live setting be it big or small. While the entire world is obsessing itself over the subgenre of “trap” music in the world of EDM, Au5 will be pleasing the ears of anyone who’s missed those “wub-wubs” that got quickly ran over by the mainstream in the early 2010s.

Fortunately, this two-track E.P. does everything else except fit into the mainstream. Although its synthy progressive house elements allow it to sneak into the playlist of anyone who lightly tunes into EDM. Its oddly-alone piano melody in the intro as well as a diverse set of dubstep elements fitting into the drops of both tracks, but predominantly shows its true colors in “Any Longer.” Although “Hit Rewind” has elements of 8-bit sounds as well as a sick house backbeat, it sort of goes against the grain in an effort to separate itself from the former. Although the tracks carry a similarity in vocals, “Hit Rewind” will definitely appeal to the house crowd, while “Any Longer” will satisfy the thirst for new and consistent dubstep elements in music.

Through all these elements, there’s no question we hadn’t even took a breath to look at the vocals presented by the Canadian virtuoso, Q’ALIA. Although she is multi-talented, the vocals she primarily contributes on the track contain elements in any house song, but separates herself from the grain by presenting a very calm soprano that offsets the sometimes-insanity of the two tracks on the E.P.

The “Any Longer / Hit Rewind” E.P. will definitely be marked as a milestone in Au5’s career; Although he has worked with the likes of B.T., and remixed countless tracks, this fully-furnished two track piece will cement Au5 in the mainstream and hopefully prove himself to handle more than one genre in his production tool-box, and gain a new respect from fans around the globe.

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