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Crankdat Just Remixed the Black Eyed Peas

Bass-heavy Crankdat just did the unimaginable: he remixed the Black Eyed Peas.

For many of us, the Black Eyed Peas were the voices behind the anthems we grew up with. “Rock That Body” was originally released by the group in 2010 and produced by David Guetta.

Check out Crankdat’s take on this classic:

Crankdat did a great job of keeping the track’s original vibe intact. The vocals are clear and still make you want to sing along (just like the good ol’ days, right?). His upbeat and bass-heavy twist is what makes this track so incredible. Who knew dubstep and the Black Eyed Peas went so well together?

On SoundCloud, Crankdat said “Re-imagined the timeless classic, ‘Rock That Body.’ This was one of my favorite songs growing up, and I’m so happy to have worked it into a version that I can be proud of. Hope you guys love it!”

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