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JayKode & Lookas Remix Swedish House Mafia With Breathtaking Results

Whenever an artist tackles Swedish House Mafia it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. With a name as world-renowned as this comes much attention, therefore you have to ask yourself: might this just be a publicity stunt? Likewise, the group is so well-known that the remix treatment to their tracks is nothing new, and quite frankly quite oversaturated.

However, every so often you find that one that succeeds despite the forces working against it. This time, with the classic track “Leave the World Behind,” JayKode and Lookas have crafted something impeccable.

With the recent resurgence in SHM related news, you might think that JayKode and Lookas were looking to capitalize on this, but that isn’t the case. Having been in production since 2014, JayKode confirmed that this track has been long in the making, and the production value confirms this.

The track is crisp, clean, and almost entirely original. Of course, labeled a remix, JayKode and Lookas’ take on the track borrows the sampled lyrics from the original song, lending the traditional and loved SHM vibe to the track. However, the production is entirely their own taking on the identity of a future bass track minus the overused drop we have come to associate with the term.

Don’t miss Lookas when he returns to AZ for Labor Day Weekend on September 3rd at Monarch Theatre with support from Botnek!

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