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Ray Volpe Releases New EP ‘Bipolar’

North Carolina producer, Ray Volpe, came up in the industry killing the game, and has not disappointed since his debut single in 2013. He is well-known for “By Your Side,” which emphasizes his future trap sound, and his remix of NOAHPLAUSE’s “Runnin,’” which will never cease to turn up a crowd. 

Constantly posting fresh tracks on SoundCloud, he has drawn in an impressive fan base over the past couple of years. Ray Volpe always brings an irresistible and original taste to the EDM scene, and with his brilliant mix of different styles, it’s doubtful that he’ll be slowing anytime soon. And finally, he has blessed us with a brand new EP, released on August 9th.

With Ray Volpe’s creative experimentation and ability to produce in various styles of EDM, the “Bipolar” EP is a bold mix-up of everything from melodic bass to crushing dubstep. Including 5 tracks, each having its own twist that seems impossible to turn off. The first of the 5 tracks, “Bipolar”, sets the tone for the EP with emotional lyrics sang by Ray Volpe himself, exploring sounds on all sides of the spectrum. The next 4 tracks perfectly shadow Ray Volpe’s passionate tone while staying true to his hardstyle sound. From strong rhythmic build-ups to that perfect drop, each song has individual facets that stand out among the rest.  

Ray Volpe is a definite force to be reckoned with! Check out his social media to listen and see any updates:

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