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Brillz & Willy Joy Bring the ‘Power’

Whenever we hear a throwback in the background of an EDM song, it automatically brings the vibe. We got another one on lock, and it’s a must-hear.

The long-time collab buddies, Brillz and Willy Joy have been hot n heavy in the game for a minute now, ever since they released their hit single ‘WTF’ bringing the 808’s like no other. Ever since, fans have been waiting for these two buddies to hit us with another killer.

Well, the time has come. Revamping the unforgettable 1990s beauty, ‘The Power,’ Brillz and Willy Joy took this groovy hit and made it incredibly EDM. Their ability to supply new and tasteful sounds is amazingly apparent in this track, giving us screeching synths, hard bass, and choppy vocals. They truly brought the 90s jam into the 2016s and gave us something to rage to.

Although necks might be broken by the end of this song, Brillz and Willy Joy did wonders in re-inventing a song we will all recognize. And better yet, making it original to their style that we all love.

Connect with Brillz: Website | Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

Connect with Willy Joy: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

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