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8 Sunday Funday Facts About Brillz

Sami Diament, better known as Brillz, is one of those producers who is only admired for his high-quality music, but also for his larger than life personality and branding. He is a public figure who gathered the ‘weridos’ and became their trusty leader. For this Sunday Funday we are shining the spotlight on Brillz as the icon he is with 8 fun facts that make him who he is, a legend.


  1. Pre Brilz, Diament was homeless and hustling in L.A. to become a producer.
  2. Be created the indescribable sound of “Twonk”
  3. Brillz’s fans refer to themselves as “the Twonk Team”
  4. Urban Dictionary describes “Twonk” as a nice way to call someone weird. Brillz elaborates with “Twonk is the movement of the World Wide Weirdos.”
  5. He is more than just Brillz….he is also Brilly Twonka, Twonk Master Flex, The Twonkfather, and Count Twonkula.
  6. Music alone is intoxicating enough for Brillz who prefers to stay sober
  7. Before he found his talents with electronic music, Brillz was a seasoned guitarist and drummer.
  8. He’s coming to Goldrush next Saturday to spread the gospel of Twonk!

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