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LSDREAM Shows His ‘Shadow Self’

The trippy bass project of trap producer Brillz is ending 2018 with a heavy bang. LSDREAM has only been in the spotlight since earlier this year, but already he’s created a new brand of music and a thriving fanbase for himself. To finish a successful year, he recently dropped a splendid blend of euphoria and darkness with his latest track, “Shadow Self,” out on Wakaan.

A heavenly, desirous voice with minimal instrumentals softly starts this track, opting for a simple buildup to contrast with the heavy-hitting melody. The rhythm and opposing elements of this track really work together to create a perfectly-balanced song. Sometimes bass music can get lost in the grinding effect of the drop, but LSDREAM effortlessly counteracts this with the etherealness of the vocal samples. We can only expect more otherworldly productions from Brillz’s second project in 2019!

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