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Krewella Returns to Producing Their Beloved “Troll Mixes” After a Year

Krewella has faced more than their fair share of scrutiny in recent years. Especially after their departure from Rain Man, they fell under fire for allegedly performing under a ghost producer for their live sets. With internet trolls such as Deadmau5 even attempting to put the duo to shame, the two sisters from Illinois have stood the test of time and have retained a solid fan base that has kept their career going in a surprising way.


Their newest mix is a reflection of the tumultuous journey they’ve been through as artists. Starting off the mix with their own track “Marching On”, this undeniable duo throws down with some heavy trap beats and inspirational lyrics. The sheer nerve and desire to persevere that comes from these two is incredibly admirable. Being women in a male-dominated industry doesn’t get Krewella down, and the fact their back to work with their Troll Mixes attests to the fact that they’re here to stay. Due to their fierce resiliency, we think these rebellious firecrackers are an act to look out for. In our opinion, they don’t get the credit they deserve. We’re glad they’ve decided to stay true to their passion for making music, because they definitely bring a fresh perspective to the scene. Check out their latest mix below!

Thank you for gracing us with your musical presence, Krewella. We heart you. Did you enjoy this weekend’s show at Crescent Ballroom?

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