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New Music Alert: Justice Releases Album Title, Artwork, and Single “Randy”

The legends are back. This European duo is known to have pioneered the electronic dance music industry and can be easily compared to the high-caliber likes of Daft Punk and Deadmau5. With a similar sound and just as much musical influence, Justice is appreciated and remembered for their consistently epic records. Their new endeavor promises to be no less after having just released the artwork and title for their new album, and the lead single “Randy“.

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Showing off their classic cross logo in an impactful modern form, members Gaspard Auge and Xavier de Rosnay, are hyping up their new creation with an already catchy new single and titillating new artwork. This DJ duo has never been known to disappoint and their new album seems to promise an equally satisfying outcome. Their new track offers a staple “Justice” sound with lengthy rock-and-roll riffs and electrifying dance beats. It seems that consistency is hard to come by in today’s music industry, because artists are always changing their sound, but Justice‘s trademark sound is appreciated every time they release new music. In a world where musical spontaneity and uniqueness, from album to album, is expected and almost worshipped, we find it surprising and comforting to hear a sound that we directly associate with Justice‘s brand blaring from our speakers. Their sound is reminiscent of a simpler time that promotes pure joy and forgets any extraneous inundatory thought. Justice has always been about the good vibes and this new record is no exception. We are excited to hear something so refreshingly simplistic amongst what seems to be a battle of technological showcasing in today’s music industry. Welcome back, Justice!

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