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The Chainsmokers Reveal “All We Know” With Phoebe Ryan

Alex and Drew, also known as The Chainsmokers, have been going no where but up this past year. Their singles “Roses” featuring ROZES, “Don’t Let Me Down” Featuring Daya, and “Closer” featuring Halsey have been some of the hottest on the charts and a guarantee whenever turning on the radio. As “Closer” sits comfortably in it’s number one spot, the duo graces us with another single they put together with vocalist Phoebe Ryan titled “All We Know.”

The Chainsmokers – All We Know (Audio) ft. Phoebe Ryan

A sneak peek of the new song was released a few days ago, and now the real deal is here. Similar to some of their other tracks, “All We Know” follows the pattern of soft female pop verses followed by fluttery future drops, and a little singing from The Chainsmokers very own Andrew Taggart. Drew and Phoebe sing alongside some acoustic guitar about two lovers who stay together for that is ‘all they know, juxtaposed to a graceful future drop with a chill tempo.

While the track is similar to some of their others, it has its own unique like-able qualities and I think will gain just as much popularity as the rest. Myself and many others will be awaiting The Chainsmokers next dreamy single, you never know when that may be. Don’t miss Drew and Alex performing on New Year’s Eve at Decadence NYE to hear “All You Know” on the big stage.

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