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B-Side Weekly: Arty AKA Alpha 9 – “Come Home”

Alter egos are widespread in the giant black void that are the collection of DJs that make up the community. Be it because of some sort of ego issue, or a genuine want to expand a brand without destroying the brand of yonder, alter egos, nicknames, or alternate personas. One of the DJs of the moment who you might not of known had an alter ego from 2009-2010 (maybe more in the future), is our good friend Arty. While you may not recognize immediately the name “Alpha 9,” this was actually a side-project that was spearheaded by the latter for Ferry Corsten’s label, Flashover Records.

Alpha 9 – Come Home (Original Mix)

Although at B-Side Weekly, we love to show off our sleuthing skills and give you some obscure facts about the artists we feature, there is oddly very little information about the background of Alpha 9. While some publications have attributed his alter-ego to making fantastic trance tracks, the alias truly hasn’t produced as much material as Arty has. Alpha 9 only produced two tracks since 2009, and one of those goes under the guise of “Come Home” (sorry, Bliss).

On Alpha 9’s latter track, Come Home, we hear the familiar synths of a good trance song start to fade in and take shape. Almost like someone tapping the keys of a keyboard, all trance fans know that classic buildup that leads to the body of the song. On terms of story, and although it only displays very small hints of tiny vocal tracks layered beneath the “beef” of the track. Alpha 9 is definitely holding back the drops in favor of more house-tastic trance production values. Come Home, although definitely containing recognizeable patterns from Arty’s original catalog, contains an entirely different persona on what may seem like at first, a simple name change.

What we can hope for at the moment is that Alpha 9 is going to have more material, but we can console ourselves with the fact that Arty is still making some pretty sick tunes in the studio as we speak. Tune into Alpha 9, and impress all your friends with a name they probably don’t know yet!

Don’t miss Arty at Decadence Arizona this NYE!

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Sources: Raver Rafting

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