Relentless Beats

Hell & Heaven Debuts in Phoenix with Waka Flocka & Caked Up

Ever wanted a party where you show off both your saint side and your sinner side. Well look no further as Umbrella Event’s presents Hell & Heaven, the only 18+ event Halloweekend event you should be considering this Saturday, October 29th.


This inaugural edition of the event will feature Waka Flocka Flame for those of you looking to get hellish, and Caked Up for those of you looking for something a little sweeter. Trick or Treating us to something a little different, featuring both Hip-Hop and Electronic music, dabble in a production and experience out of the norm.

In addition, check you socials because voting is underway for a local opening spot at this year’s show.

You can grab you tickets to Hell & Heaven at Arizona Event Center here and join the event!

Connect with Waka Flocka: Facebook | Twitter 

Connect with Caked Up: Facebook | Twitter | Website

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